“May fool, n. His folly was put into by the idiot with another month.” – Bierce ” April 1,. This is the morning where we are advised of what we’re around the different 300 and sixty-four.” – Mark Twain “Below cometh April as much when I can see the world, and again hath more fools in it than ever.” – Charles Lamb “Let’s be glad about essay writing blog the fools. But for them the rest folks could not succeed.” – Twain ” a joke’s aim isn’t to lower the individual, but to tell him that he is already degraded.” George Orwell ” Expertise is the better educator, but a can learn from no additional.” – Franklin “Enable a fool hold his language and a sage will be passed for by him.” – Publilius Syrus “Mix together with your discretion: It Is not bad to become ridiculous at the correct time.” -Horace “It is safer to leak with smart guys than to giggle with fools.” – Spanish Proverb “A’s head digests idea into folly, technology into superstition, and craft into pedantry. Hence University knowledge.” – George Bernard Shaw